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A Different Life Path…..

August 12, 2010


The last few years of secondary school were filled with ‘O’ and ‘A’ level exam courses, including – just for fun – Greek and Roman Mythology, which was a real eye opener. All those Gods and Goddess’ interfering with the humble humans in more ways than one! I still enjoy mythology and have used similar themes in pieces of prose.

I also finished my GSE Art exam and volunteered to be a model for the higher level exam artists. On my breaks I ‘doodled’ a sketch of a brace of stuffed pheasants, just for something to do. It wasn’t what I was good at to my way of thinking – I drew abstracts not ‘real’ things. However, when Miss. Randall saw my sketch she immediately entered me into the higher exams. I pleaded “But I can’t draw.” The answer was “What do you call that then – it’s beautifully scaled and you have captured the textures.” So that is how I passed my ‘O’ and ‘A’ level art exams.

My idea of life ‘after school’ was to attend Art College, getting a job as a window dresser for the holidays and using this as a platform for my own unique style. However, I was guided to get a ‘real’ job and entered into State Registered nurse training on Valentine’s Day 1977. I really enjoyed the nursing but as I progressed there was more and more paperwork, much less actual nursing. To cut a long story short – I left and went into a couple of administration jobs. It was really sink or swim as I have never learnt typing or short hand but I am best under pressure and succeeded. Within 3 years I had gone into partnership to start a business – I had a natural talent for organization and ran the office solo until my work load was too heavy.

Unfortunately my art work suffered as my main drive was the creation of the business and being young, free and single – socializing! It would be sometime before my ‘creative’ side emerged. Although I did ‘create’ a thriving business for many years, which enabled me to enjoy life.

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