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Creative Dabbling….

August 13, 2010


Creativity is, and I hope, will always be a large part of me. I have experimented with many different types of creative ‘hobbies’ – knitting, crochet, jewelry making, interior décor, collage, pottery – yes the list is large and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one. They captured me for a while and I strived to master the more difficult aspects, including advanced knitting! My sweet mother-in-law was always on hand when I had ‘lost’ my count or my place in the intricate pattern. No knit one, purl one for me!

Although I have always been an ardent reader, it never struck me to try my hand at writing. I enjoyed being transported into a story and was happy to be lost there. When I ‘discovered’ Stephen King for the first time with his book, The Stand, my appreciation of story telling changed a thousand fold. I even wrote to the great man – I was that impressed. To my utter delight he wrote back and now his letter is framed and in pride of place beside my writing desk. What more motivation could a writer have?

It would take many years before ‘writing’ became an all consuming passion. Lost amongst marriages, childbirth and child raising, the renovation of several homes, running my own companies and my biggest adventure yet – emigrating to Canada.

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