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Apologies for my absence…

March 30, 2011

nanowrimo (1)

Sincere apologies for my tardiness – March has been full of writing tasks and organisation. With a new novel written, I am immersing myself in editing, re-working and revising. Luckily I have several writing buddies that are joining me on this particular journey. Sharing and commenting on each other’s work makes a huge difference to the process.

I have also been embroiled in the organisation of my writer’s group annual conference. We have several new presenters this year including the Poet in Exile, which is awesome. For details –
These projects have been added to my normal writing tasks – posting a word prompt on the WFSC site every week, researching publishers, encouraging fellow writers and extending my writing world through the numerous social networks.
Has March been a fulfilling month for you too?

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