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August 11, 2011

Rumbles Through Window2


With my children’s story edited, the bio and dedication written, the next step in the publishing process is illustrations. I am very fortunate to have a very skilled illustrator called Matty McClatchie to create the magic. His skill at interpreting my vision is incredible – the result – awesome drawings of my little creature and his nighttime adventures. The excitement I feel when opening a new email from Matty is almost childlike. Which view or scene has he worked on this time? Does it need ‘tweaking’ or is it perfect just the way it is? Does the picture represent the text on that particular page correctly?

I am sure without his artful depictions the book would certainly not be as engaging. The pictures bring my character, Rumble and his underground world to life.

What has your experience been with illustrators? Did you find a friend or relative to help or are you lucky enough to be sufficiently artistic to create your own? How did you find your ‘magical creator’?

One Comment

  1. Wonderful post that shows incredible support for those who work along side you in your novel, book, story journey. Matty is a Dream Write Publishing favorite and has produced some engaging artwork with an uncanny ability to “get it” – the author’s vision is truly his, too.

    I have had the honor of incorporating my artistic endeavors into another writer’s work and my own – it is truly a passion supplemented – complemented – completed by another.

    Looking forward to the release of your book!


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