Learning a New Skill – E-book development…


I have jumped out of my comfort zone recently to learn a new skill, that of formatting for an e-book. It is quite different from the ‘norm’ of formatting a manuscript with chapters beginning on a new page, returns and tabs in abundance to get the look just right and those little personal quips to individualize the story. The e-book regime is extremely strict – no tabs or returns allowed as these ‘make’ an extra blank page , which would be very off putting, at the very least, to a reader. You can indent or make ‘block’ paragraphs but no clever dual indents or spacing. Each move must be performed using the header tools even centering your headings – so all in all a more precise method, which has had me concentrating like a new kid in school. The manuscript runs continually regardless of chapters so you are likely to see chapter headings at any point of a page – which is strange and somewhat difficult to adjust to. The download must have a title and copyright page at the start, a dedication can then be inserted and then it’s straight into the story. To end the story you insert three # and that’s it. The last thing to be inserted is your contact details.

I must acknowledge that this point that this is no DIY project – I have an expert friend guiding me and without her help I’m quite sure I would make a right dog’s breakfast of it. Thank you, Linda.

In a week or so I hope to have the text perfect but in the meantime I am working on a cover for my YA fiction fantasy – The Rython Kingdom. It has to be eye catching and reflect something of the story but most of all it has to make readers want to purchase it. A tall order by anyone’s standard but one I am willing to persevere through numerous designs until I find perfection.

Have you dived into e-books? Do you have any tips or tricks you are willing to share? What was the hardest part for you?

2 thoughts on “Learning a New Skill – E-book development…

    1. I’m so happy I have helped you in a small way – it is daunting at first but if you take small steps it is easier…the trick is not to rush and really consider what your e-book should look like. Good luck and I’ll follow your progress.


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