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October Events…

October 27, 2012

This has been a very busy week one way or another so forgive me if I have been absent for a while. My day job had me supporting and instructing new management, my daughter required homework help and my usual weekly commitments had to be fit in. I did however manage to attend two wonderful events. The first was an author reading at a local coffee shop hosted by my publisher –Dream Write Publishing. My nerves were in check, for once, and I read the entire first chapter of my fantasy novella – The Rython Kingdom. ( It received loud applause and lots of nice comments. Other authors from Dream Write read their work and the whole evening was enjoyable and fun. I would recommend reciting your work in public to any author – it is a great way to share your work and actually see your audience’s reaction.

My next event was the annual Words in the Park, held at my local community center. We are extremely lucky to have a very supportive literary community in my home town so this event is now in its fifth year. Local authors get together to share, communicate and sell their words. The feeling of fellowship is wonderful and it is great to see the numerous genres spread out for all to see. You certainly cannot tell what sort of books a person writes by looking at them! I took Rumble with me and he charmed the children as always – he’s such a cute monster.

 The winner of the Rumble coloring competition came by to collect her book and hand puppet too. It’s such a thrill to see children interacting with your creation. The photos will be posted at a later date.

So how was your week? Did the words flow – were you able to share them?


  1. Nice! Sounds like you had a great week. I too find that the day job and my daughter’s school events take away from writing. But they often give me something to write about! I find it important to write every day even if it’s a comment like this just to stay engaged and ward off procrastination. It lurks in the darnedest places.

    Hope the coming week is good for you!



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