A sadness that will stay in my broken heart for a long time. Our darling Twinkle went to sleep peacefully on Friday morning. She always lived up to her name – she was a star. Twelve years of loyal loving companionship. Twinkle was a gift to our family – we were lucky to have found her at the rescue center all those years ago. She had been handed in at six weeks unwanted…but we truly wanted and loved her from the day we saw her.

9 thoughts on “Loss…

  1. So sorry Mandy. It will ease in time but that empty space is hard to heal. I just lost my cat of 17 years two months ago and I cannot walk down the cat food aisle at the grocery store without welling up. She slept on my shoulder every night for almost 17 years, longer than I’ve been married…

    You gave Twinkle love and acceptace and she gave you love unconditionally. That’s an accomplishment to be proud of. No one will replace her, but maybe by giving another animal a chance to live and to be loved it will help you. That’s what I’m thinking, although I haven’t had the nerve to go through with it yet.

    Best Wishes
    Patty T


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Patti – it is a large hole in my heart at the moment which seems to hurt all the time. As for getting another pet – I don’t think I can…it took me 5 years after my last dog passed before I even thought about another one 😦
      So sorry to hear of your loss too…hugs ((( )))


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