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Today’s word is…telecommute

January 15, 2013


Telecommute – Definition: work at home by the use of an electronic linkup with a central office.

Would this ability be a dream come true for you? Could you resist delving into your work in progress if it was so easily accessible? What sort of schedule would you come up with to balance official work and writing?

From my own experience of working from home, I can say I was very regimented in my working hours – probably too much so! I was at my desk at 9am worked through until 1 pm – took an hour’s lunch break then back at 2 pm to work until 5 pm. However, I was able to do a couple of loads of laundry and vacuum most days in my ‘tea breaks’ as well as enjoy an hour’s walk with my dog. It was near perfect, except for being alone all-day, apart from my canine companion. I did speak to many people on the telephone during the day but it was human contact I missed. Occasionally I would bump into a fellow dog walker during my lunchtime walk but that was it until the family came home. A lot of people were jealous but once I explained the practicalities, they were surprised at my regime and understood the implications better. Most revealed they could not stick to such a schedule. I then clarified that my boss would soon notice if the day-to-day work was not done! There is always a ‘cost’ to any arrangement.


At first glance this linkup seems perfect but in real terms maybe not. I can envisage a constant conflict of wants and needs even a feeling of guilt as you continue writing past your allotted break period. If I was given this capability now, I’m not sure I could be so regimented. Why you ask? Because at that time I was not writing – now it is too much of an obsession not to be lured into it.


So could you do it or are you doing it? What’s your routine?

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