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Finding stillness…

February 14, 2013

 Pandemonium – definition: a wild uproar commotion.

Many of us reside in the pandemonium of work, home and play. Finding stillness amongst this chaos is essential for the  work life balance (might as well use the buzz words here!)  but also so we can connect with our creativity. I have several friends who use meditation and yoga to center themselves, while others use other forms of exercise to clear away the ‘junk’ of every day life. My particular escape is walking, although since my darling canine companion, Twinkle passed away in November, I found it too difficult until very recently.


My walks are not the same without her but time will heal the hurt – hopefully. The few walks I have been on, alone and with my daughter, have been difficult. In the words of said daughter – “This doesn’t feel right.” However, as we walked and talked, remembered and reflected we both felt refreshed to be outside in reasonable temperatures. Alberta is cold in the winter, very cold. We noticed small birds flitting through the bare branches and followed animal footprints in the snow. The only sounds were the breeze, bird song and an occasional sentence. Under a blue sky and slight warmth of the sun we engaged with nature. Life is full of changes we either accept them or engineer a way to alter them so they are easier to manage.

The connection with nature is not just a physically pleasing experience but also an emotional and spiritual one. No matter if you have a particular faith or not – the wonder of the natural world is humbling. Even opening a window can bring you new scents, sounds and sensations – all of them calm your mind and body letting you relax and be open to your spirit.

Palm Springs 068

This is the moment your muse will whisper, a subconscious thought will reveal itself and your ideas will solidify. Take the time to be still – even for a few moments in the pandemonium of your day. Its good for you.

Blackbird (Turdus merula), singing male. Bogen...

Blackbird (Turdus merula), singing male. Bogense havn, Funen, Denmark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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