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Rumours – Good or Bad…?

February 20, 2013

Scuttlebutt – definition : rumour, gossip.Gossip

As writers and authors we have to be aware of how we present ourselves not only on a face to face basis but also on social media. An extreme political or religious view, either on the vast array of media sites or in person, can seriously harm how we are perceived. If we are disrespectful, arrogant or act aloof our prospective and current readers opinion of us will alter negatively and more than likely stop them buying our books, following us in cyber space or attending author readings. Be aware of the links and comments you make and ‘like’. If something is too extreme you may chose not just to hide it but unfriend or block the person responsible.

It is also best to be circumspect on the types of ‘friends’ you are adding. If someone is politically bias, posting foul language, pornography or has extreme religious views, their opinions could be a interpreted as your own. Utilizing the settings on your particular media is a good way to ensure your professional image is not damaged, as is separating personal and professional pages or sites. Try to view your ‘virtual’ presence as a stranger would to make sure it is reflecting you positively.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and being a member of a particular group could be advantageous for your genre or novel. However, if you are a multi-genre author you have the option to use different sites specific to each one or write under pen names.

Gossip can be a good thing if it is in regard to how wonderful someone found your latest novel or how marvellous you were at a local book signing. Maintain a professional but friendly demeanour whether in the real world or the cyber one. Engaging with your fans, or prospective ones to discuss your novel’s characters, the plot or your creative processes is a great way to entice a greater readership. Nonetheless remember to keep a balance between your professional life and your personal one.

Have you experienced any negative feedback?

negative feedback system

negative feedback system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  2. We certainly judge people by the company they keep. It is awkward, especially as I am relatively new to WP. I don’t want to be responsible for every post someone else has written, and I don’t want a second job doing “background checks” on people. But I shouldn’t fool myself by saying that perseptions of my associates won’t rub off on me.

    However, I do think it is important to be authentic. If you feel strongly about something, it is better to share it. Sure, you may lose a few people, but I think you will gain many more by standing for something. Everything to everyone blandness won’t work in the long run.

    Pen names are like different brands offered by the same author. It makes me giggle when I read some of the pen names by different authors and how they came up with them. Here’s a fun link to some classic ones.


  3. I totally agree that the impression you make is as important on line as it is in person. Your reflection is in what you say and what you post and it is therefore necessary to exercise control while in the public forum. Some would argue it is not being true to self if you curb your opinions in this way – I maintain there is a delicate balance when you are building an author platform. Discussing extreme views may have an arena but it all goes back to “everything has a time and a place.”


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