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Sunday Snippets…

March 3, 2013

sunday_snippets2Continuing with Sunday Snippets…with my The Twesome Loop novel, I will need to post slightly more than 250 words as the scene breaks at 187 words. I hope you will forgive me. Brett has found details of a wealthy spinster and is taking the documentation to his boss. He enters the man’s office…

The aroma of Cuban cigar smoke hung in the air.

“Ah, Mr. Forbes, Sir, I found this file mixed with Mr. Collin’s documentation.”

“Thank you….Shaw isn’t it? Let me see. Ah yes, the Lynch file. Give it to Miss Coombes she can catalog it.”

“Certainly, Sir, pardon me for being so bold, but is the family known to you?”

“Actually, yes, they were very old family friends. It was a sad departure only weeks apart but it often happens that way with old married couples, you know. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious, Sir, the name seemed familiar.”

“You may have come across the name in the newspaper. The Lynch’s were very involved in their community.”

“That must be it, Sir; well I won’t take up any more of your time.”

Now Brett had a place to start his investigations. The local newspaper records would be full of information he could use. He would drive to the Lynch house tonight and watch for a while. He might even get to see the daughter. If she wasn’t too abhorrent he could be on easy street in no time.


  Brett parked across the street, careful not to be directly under the street lights, but in the shadows between. The Lynch house was a large Tudor style building with a circular driveway and a detached garage. The street was tree lined with similar styled houses along it. The village of Delcotte was full of old money or yuppies commuting to and from London, utilizing the direct train route into Paddington. He could get used to living in these lavish surroundings. A flash car and a golf club membership would do him nicely.

The front door opened and Brett caught his first glimpse of Miss Lynch. A dowdy looking woman, but from the way she was walking, not as old as she first appeared. He watched her get into a dark blue BMW and pull out of the driveway. He kept a discreet distance behind and followed her to the college in Hadstock. What was she doing there?

Now for the fun part to read everyone else’s snippets…

Salvo…salute to Pomp & Circumstance

March 3, 2013

Salvo – definition:  the firing of two or more guns, or artillery pieces, at a single target or as a salute 2) the release all at once of a rack of bombs or rockets.

When I read today’s word I was reminded of the gun salute for the Queen’s official birthday – the sound echoes around London. The pageantry is spectacular as the trooping of the color is played out by the Household Division (Foot Guards and Household Cavalry) on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall. Although this event takes place on 15th June the Queens‘ actual birthday is 21st April. Some may say get rid of all this pomp and circumstance as it is of days gone by and does not ‘fit’ into the modern day era. Well I say keep it all. Every one remembers royal weddings and sadly, funerals because the population comes together with mutual camaraderie to focus on one event. It unites us when so little does in this day and age. Why do we have to rid our selves of our history? Maybe if we did look back we would realize there are valuable lessons there – it might stop events being repeated time and again! Well I’ll get off my soap box now…thank you for reading, whether you are with or opposed to my view.


Horse Guards Parade, with the London Eye obser...

Horse Guards Parade, with the London Eye observation wheel rising behind William Kent’s Horse Guards. (Photo credit:


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