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Bayou…Share Your Poem…

March 18, 2013

Bayou – definition: a marshy or slowly flowing body of water (as a stream on inlet), especially in the southeast USA.


There’s something about a bayou that shrouds it in mystery. Maybe it is the mists floating just above the surface, the eerie stillness or the sudden lash of a crocodile’s tail as it submerges into the still water. Contorted tree roots, hanging boughs and moss covered trunks  conceal creatures and structures. Here nature fights for survival against man’s invasion. Even when parts of its area are claimed by human development, nature shows her power and displeasure. Floods and animal ‘invasions’ are common. Let’s face it marshy land isn’t really a suitable base to build on and displaced wildlife has to go somewhere!

The word inspired me to write this poem – why not share one of your own?


 A faint splash

Ripples increasing

Laps against shore

And tree trunk


Mists obscure

Floating veils

Bow breaking through

The curtain


Tendrils clasp

And catch

Unease grips visitors

At natures mercy


Disorienting channels

Eerie noises

Echo’s distorting directions

Hiding route home


The bayou’s secrets

And untold stories

Hidden from view

And prying eyes

Have a good week everyone – I trust your muse will be generous.

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