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Planning blog posts…

April 30, 2013

Igneous – definition: formed from fire; especially said of rock formed from fiery magma

untitledNow it might seem that this is a tenuous link to Tracey’s post on blog planning but bear with me. Our ideas for stories and blog subjects are igneous. In that, a spark of an idea spurts forth and becomes its own entity, growing in width and breadth. To engage our readers we need to ignite their curiosity and interest in our words.

My current blog mission, utilizing a desk diary word of the day for the duration of 2013, requires a great deal of thinking and commitment. However, having made such a obligation I have found it has certainly caught my imagination and stretched my writing muscles. Not a bad thing for a writer – wouldn’t you say?

Although I try hard to write a couple of posts ahead of time, sometimes the idea does not fire up immediately and then I have to dig deep. Tracey’s post on her planning strategy gave me some ideas even though I do not use Scrivener.

While I was researching I also found this post, which also aids the process.

How do you plan your blog posts? Any tips you would care to share?

What kind of writer are you?

April 29, 2013

Audacious – definition: 1) very bold and daring : fearless 2) showing a lack of proper respect

I want to share a super post with you all today and a great quote.


“Writing makes a person very vulnerable. It opens you to public criticism, to ridicule, to rejection. But it also opens conversation and thought. It stirs minds, and touches hearts. It brings us into contact with our souls. So how can it possibly be a waste of time, an idle act, a mistake, a betrayal of truth? Who can possibly tell us not to do it?”

Joan Chittister, Order of Saint Benedict

Conference 2013 Photos…

April 28, 2013


Mayor Linda with Lisa de Nikolits.












Our WFSC President Joe McKnight, with MC for the day Kelsey Hoople and Lisa.















Karen Probert – Past President & Library Liaison for the WFSC, Linda Pedley, Treasurer and Mandy Eve-Barnett, Secretary.










Marilyn Spilchen, WFSC member, Lisa de Nikolits, novelist and Beth Rowe, Director on WFSC board.













Judy Schultz, presenting at the conference.



















Registrants utilizing the wonderful conference room.



















Ting Pimentel-Elger, WFSC member and Lisa de Nikolits.

Hard Work Pays Off…

April 28, 2013

Inkling – definition: a vague notion : hint.

Conference 2013 LOGO_0 Conference Review.

Yesterday was the culmination of six months of organization and hard work. From an inkling of an idea, we changed the format of our writers conference entirely this year. Holding a two hour session in the morning, followed by a Q&A panel and then two separate presentations in the afternoon.

With a change in venue, we were able to set up a classroom style presentation room, which was conducive not only to the attendees but the presenters as well.

We were once again fortunate in our presenters. Each one not only gave excellent orations but were insightful in the Q&A panel utilizing registrants work as the basis of discussion, after critiquing the submissions. Yes we work them hard! But we are extremely grateful.

IPPY award winning Toronto author, Lisa de Nikolits flew in especially for our conference – quite a coo wouldn’t you say? Lisa is an absolute delight and a good friend of mine. Her presentation was 8 Components of Story Writing and it was incredibly helpful to established and novice writers. With only a short coffee break at midway, Lisa managed to enthuse her audience for the whole two hours.

The session after lunch was held by Judy Schultz, who is a nationally renowned travel and food writer, the author of ten books, and the winner of numerous awards including the Robert Kroetsch Book Prize for her fiction novel, Freddy’s War. She is also a very charming, generous woman and has graced our conference before. Judy’s presentation was Non-Fiction – 8 Guidelines, which was not only helpful for non-fiction but also fiction writers. Techniques of writing are interchangeable through any genre or style.

Our third and last session was held by Natasha Deen, who is currently our Writer in Residence. Natasha is hilariously funny and had the room in fits of laughter while giving great information on 8 Steps to Utilize Your WIR. I know that many of the attendees will be submitting work to Natasha, me included.

The Q&A panel included the presenters above as well as Karen Probert, who is a founding member of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County and the author of Fragments of Lives. Karen continues to be a vital member of the Foundation as the Past President and the Library Liaison. Her insight into the writing craft is splendid.

Registrants and volunteers also enjoyed a wonderful lunch, browsed trade tables and bid on Silent Auction items. There were also displays celebrating the Writers Foundation’s timeline and another highlighting the members past and present. These exhibits were part of the Strathcona County 120 year anniversary celebrations.

With another successful conference under our belts we can breath a sigh of relief…for a short while anyway!

Thank you to everyone that attended and made it such an inspiring and enjoyable day.

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