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What’s A Writers Main Problem..?

April 16, 2013

Surfeit – definition: 1) a supply that is more than enough : excess; 2) an enjoyment of something (as food or drink) beyond what is good or necessary; 3) disgust caused by excess


I’m sure if we began making lists of writing problems the topics included would be – editing, conclusions, middle of the story arc, and character development to name just a few. However, I feel the main problem happens to be – too many ideas! It is almost a curse. We are concentrating on one project and numerous others are fighting for our attention. We make hurried notes in an attempt not to ‘lose’ the new idea. Then it is filed away with all the others. Gradually we come to realize our idea pile is growing exponentially.

When will we have the time to give them our full attention? Is it actually possible to nurture all of them into fulfilled projects?

Some may say it’s a good problem to have; if they are not a writer that is! Contrarily it actually has the opposite effect from the perceived one. We become frustrated as these new stories tussle for our attention, breaking into our thought processes at inconvenient moments. Worry begins to surface, what if by ignoring them they are lost forever? Should we spend time plotting them out then get back to our current project? When will we get time to enhance them all into cohesive stories?

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How do you cope with multiple ideas? What strategies do you use to keep them from invading your thoughts? Can you share any tips or experience that would help others?







I would also like to mention today a friend’s book as it deals with surfeit.  She has been exceptionally brave and told her story of addiction. An excess she has managed to ‘conquer’.


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