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Loving Neologisms

May 21, 2013

Today’s word – Neologism – a new word, meaning, usage or phrase. Kathleen has written a great post so I’m sharing it…



From Kathleen's Desk

As a writer, I have a deep-seated love of words. I spend endless minutes with my dictionary and thesaurus spread on my desk while I compare subtle differences in meanings and connotations and search for that one perfect word.
When I read other author’s work, especially sci-fi or fantasy, I enjoy finding neologisms – new words or word combos that the author has created. Before J. K. Rowlings created muggle, quidditch, and quaffle, they weren’t part of our vocabulary. Before some unknown journalist or commentator coined Bradgelina and bridezilla, we didn’t hear them ad nauseam.
Some of these words are fun, and I’m sure the creator smiled and felt a jolt of pride when the new word jumped into their mind. Some are simply the shortening of a phrase or two-word term. Some were undoubtedly the product of hours of brainstorming. Combining two words for the…

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