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Loving Neologisms

May 21, 2013

Today’s word – Neologism – a new word, meaning, usage or phrase. Kathleen has written a great post so I’m sharing it…



From Kathleen's Desk

As a writer, I have a deep-seated love of words. I spend endless minutes with my dictionary and thesaurus spread on my desk while I compare subtle differences in meanings and connotations and search for that one perfect word.
When I read other author’s work, especially sci-fi or fantasy, I enjoy finding neologisms – new words or word combos that the author has created. Before J. K. Rowlings created muggle, quidditch, and quaffle, they weren’t part of our vocabulary. Before some unknown journalist or commentator coined Bradgelina and bridezilla, we didn’t hear them ad nauseam.
Some of these words are fun, and I’m sure the creator smiled and felt a jolt of pride when the new word jumped into their mind. Some are simply the shortening of a phrase or two-word term. Some were undoubtedly the product of hours of brainstorming. Combining two words for the…

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ABC Blog Award…

May 20, 2013

Iota – definition: a tiny amount


I have been nominated for the ABC Blog Award by – thank you! So as the rules dictate I use every letter of the alphabet – eeek! – I am sharing iota’s of things that mean something to me. Here goes:



c– creativity 

d– dreams pursued 

e– Evan from Slake Patch 

LifeinSlakePatch 001

f– Ferney by James Long 

g – Gilleum Ruet from The Rython Kingdom 

The Rython Kingdom

h– historic houses


jJohnny Depp (of course!)

k – karma theme in The Twesome Loop

Twesome Loop 002

l – literary community 

m – memories of past lives

n – nursing

o – obsessed with writing

pPaul Newman

q – quest for creative outlet

r – Rumble, my cute monster 

Rumble's First Scare

s – Slake Patch matriarchy 

t – The Twesome Loop romance

u – unrealised opportunities 

vViggo Mortensen

images (3)

w – Writing 

x – crossed paths 

y – yellow tones of fall/autumn

autumn leaves

z – zillions of ideas, so little time.

My nominees are:

Sunday Snippets…19 May

May 19, 2013

sunday_snippets2Apologies to everyone for missing the snippets recently. My back problems are making sitting, standing or even lying down difficult! I’m on the mend so hopefully back to normal soon.

Please visit these other authors excellent blogs:

Todays word describes my body’s complaints to a T:     Inveigh – definition: to protest or complain bitterly.

Marketing A Necessary Evil…

May 18, 2013

Ineluctable – definition: impossible to avoid or evade : inevitable


As our writing journey begins we are immersed in our words, characters and plots – this is the honeymoon stage of writing. Our creativity runs free, there are no obstacles, anything is possible. Once our story is written there is the inevitable editing, revision and practical aspects to work through and consider. With a polished manuscript before us we need to look at the ‘advertising’ side of this journey.

Many of us have no experience of media or a promotional background so this becomes a daunting prospect. I found this great post by Jamie Sheffield, which lists tips for marketing. Go check it out.

Obviously there are companies that offer to help you with promotion and the internet is full of helpful guides and tips from other authors. You need to find your comfort level and determine how much time you want to commit to this aspect of your journey. Some of us may ‘go all out’ but in practical terms we still have to balance the other facets of our lives.

Research your options and find the ones that you are most comfortable with and focus on them. Trying to promote on multiple sites several times a day is certainly not practical and will only lead to a ‘burn out’ as well as frustration. Focus on genre specific sites and use your connections (although care must be taken here too!) Be realistic in your expectations – slowly build a following and the sales will come.

Pop Over to No Wasted Ink…

May 17, 2013

I’ve been interviewed to discuss my writing space over at No Wasted Ink by Wendy Van Camp – pop on over.

New Writing DEsk 001

Thanks to Wendy for including me. How do you feel about your space? Care to share?

Today’s word has no connection – Precipice – definition: a very steep and high face of a rock or mountain : cliff.

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