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Manipulating Your Reader…

June 9, 2013

Circuitous – definition: in a roundabout way, not direct


Manipulation isn’t a bad thing when an author uses it to entice their readers. A story arc should have many layers to keep the reader interested as well as surprised. Twists and turns in the story’s events and in the characters reactions ensure your reader continues to turn the page.

We can make our main character choose a path that brings him into peril but must remember his actions have to be believable. A shy character would not immediately confront his bully. However, by using a circuitous route, we can bring about a consequence that helps him. Foreshadowing is another way to manipulate your reader. By mentioning something that our character suspects heightens the tension. The scenario may not occur but it will certainly ensure the reader turns the page.

This link gives some great perspective into this skill.

Care to share how you have manipulated your readers?

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