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What’s Your Anathema..?

June 20, 2013

Anathema – definition: a person or thing detested, loathed, or hated


My anathema is abuse of animals and children. It makes my blood boil – literally. If something is defenseless there is no excuse to harm it. I will not rant anymore – suffice to say if I can rescue or prevent harm I will.

In my novel, The Twesome Loop, I have two detestable characters, William and Brett. Even though they are separated by decades in the two era story, both have character traits that people dislike. When I have read parts of the novel to my writing circle, it is obvious everyone hates them both. Which, of course, is what I wanted. Writing these types of characters is a lot of fun. There are no barriers to how debauched we can make them, down to their base nature.

Is it a weird writer trait to love developing such distasteful personalities, if only on paper?

Twesome Loop 002

Here’s a snippet from Twesome:

William had her pinned too tightly to the carriage side for her to reach the door handle. The more she struggled and pleaded the more he seemed to enjoy himself. She turned her face away to avoid his wet lips but he grabbed her chin and forced his tongue into her mouth. Gabriella gagged as his saliva dripped into her mouth. I want to die, please take me Lord. At last the carriage’s pace slowed and William sat up adjusting his breeches.

Do you have a loathsome character you would like to share?

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