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What’s Your Writing Habit…

June 23, 2013

Proclivity – definition: natural or habitual inclination or tendency

Paper- WritingWhat is your natural or habitual tendency when writing?

As I have mentioned before, my tendency in writing is free flow – it is how my creativity manifests itself. Given minutes or hours, I will write. Whether it is a prompt or an idea that gives me that spark,  I give my mind free reign to create it. The normal process for me runs something like this:

The idea comes to mind as I read, hear or see something. Usually it starts with a character of some kind, whether a person, animal or inanimate object with a consciousness (I wrote about a rug fearing the vacuum once – that was fun!) Then a circumstance begins to form and that is when the ‘flow’ begins. The story grows into its own creation in my head and I type – is this like channeling do you think?

Within my writers group, we have planners, free flowers and a wealth of combinations of both processes and more. Some edit as they write, others make separate notes and some write the whole thing before revising. There is no right or wrong way – whatever works for you is the best way.

Has your process changed as your skill increased or do you stick to a formula that works for you?

This link has some great pictures of famous authors notes.

I loved this little note from writing and had to share.

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