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June 28, 2013

Ambidextrous – definition: 1) able to use both hands equally well 2) unusually skillful; facile

Thought this blog post was apt for today’s word. Enjoy!
Are you ambidextrous? My brother was when he was young but lost the capability once he started school, where he was encouraged to use just one hand. What a shame!

I’ve always considered myself to be an ambidextrous person which has made it necessary for me to read anything I can find on the subject. There are arguments and discussions both pro and con as to whether a person is really ambidextrous or just cross-dominant.  Cross-dominance apparently is defined as the ability to use either hand for specific tasks but not being able to use both hands for all tasks. That sounds confusing I know so further discussion is required.

As a child in elementary school I began writing with my left hand almost immediately.  Teachers in those days actually discouraged left-handedness and required those children to write with their right hands.  I was chastised enough that I soon learned to write right-handed and have been doing so ever since.  Oddly enough I can still right with my left but not quite as clearly.  This was just the start of…

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