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Immature Youth or Struggling Young Adult..?

July 31, 2013

Callow – definition: immature : lacking experience or judgment


Life is a steep learning curve. From our first steps to reading and writing to more complicated skills. We are constantly learning something. The secret to an active old age is, more than likely, continuing to explore, investigate and enjoy new experiences and skills. As many of you know I came to writing later in life and learning the ropes has been an enlightening road. It infused me with an energy I had been lacking for a long time. When we are younger everything is an adventure, unfortunately somewhere along the way we lose that feeling, unless we are lucky to find something that triggers it again.

When I observe younger people striving to make their way in the world, I am always surprised how they are perceived and treated. As older adults do we forget how we struggled? How many paths lay before us? What influenced us? How hard life seemed? How any advice given was ‘boring’? How every day was full of new possibilities that were just waiting for us?

This article shows some interesting facts:

So maybe we should give the younger generation some slack and encourage them a bit more? We can all site the ‘bad teenagers’ but they are the minority, most are trying to grow up and understand themselves.

What are your views?

Is growing up harder now? Is peer pressure more violent? Will being an individual automatically ostracize you from inclusion into the group?

Have you found new skills and experiences that have enhanced your life?



Getting into the Spirit…

July 30, 2013

Vim – definition: force : energy : spirit

If you knew me well, you would know I immediately went to the word – spirit! A glass  of wine is the perfect relaxer at the end of the day and fuel for the muse too.


Just for fun take the quiz and find out which one you are.,_Games,_Quizzes/#quiz

For some reason I’m Mischief Maker – who would have thought?

What is your favorite tipple?

Over the years I have gone from white wine to red and now mostly drink blush. Our tastes change over time – not quite sure why. As a young teen I loved candy/sweets but now can’t quite make myself eat them. My only weakness is good white chocolate – the Swiss kind and Milky Bars!

Nestle – Milky Bar – I can remember the first Milky Bar Kid (yes showing my age!) So in short it comes down to wine and chocolate – what more do we need?

Milky bar

Reverse Your Thinking…

July 29, 2013

Bouleversement – definition: complete overthrow : a reversal

I wanted to share this poem with you all:

And this magnificent piece of art.

English: he calls it bliss turmoil in pink bliss

English: he calls it bliss turmoil in pink bliss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All writers have some sort of inner turmoil, it is our motivation. This turmoil can change from moment to moment when we are struggling with a new project or settle on our minds after we send off submissions. A constant questioning of our talent and the words we have loving placed on screen or paper – has many of us unwilling to share them.

Be brave in your commitment, reverse your thinking and have confidence in yourself and your work. A first reading or an initial submission are rites of passage. The more you do the easier it becomes. The important thing to remember is you and your ‘voice’ are unique.

In the words of Oddball in the movie Kelly’s Heroes –

Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change? 

Trumpet Tune…or Strings..?

July 28, 2013

Clarion – definition: a kind of trumpet having a clear note


Trumpet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was the common name for a trumpet in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It was also used as the name for a 4′ organ reed stop, creating confusion whether clarion  refers to a type of trumpet or simply the upper register of the standard trumpet.

As a lover of baroque, I was also reminded of the Trumpet Voluntary, which is played on an organ or other English keyboards not a trumpet!  The name comes from the piece being played on the trumpet stop

Listen here:

And thereby ends your lesson for today!

On a personal note (forgive the pun!) my favorite instrument is the harp. When asked at school which instrument I wanted to play – the harp. What’s your second choice – the harp. Needless to say I didn’t get my wish. However, I was blessed, to meet in person, a wonderful harpist, Marisa Robles. She is a diminutive woman, even shorter than me! That was one of the excuses, I was too small to handle a harp. When I spoke to her I was in awe but did manage to ask about her finger tips. Many harpist’s have callus’ but Marisa’s fingers were sooth and soft. She explained to me that she took extra special care of them. Decades later, a good friend taught me a few bars on her harp – so wishes do come true, just not when or how we expect.

Marisa Robles.


What instrument is your favorite?

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