Obsolete but Beautiful…

Obsolete – definition: no longer functioning or in general use : out of date

There is something endearing about old typewriters. I’m not talking about the electronic ones but the finger aching, push as hard as you can, kind. They were manufactured in a time when design was highly regarded as opposed to the functionality of the machine. However, now we can appreciate the pride of workmanship so evident in their production. The design features and attention to detail are beautiful, something we lost in functionality.

Just compare these two photos – which one is the more esthetically pleasing?


modern typewriter

As some of you may have read, (https://mandyevebarnett.com/2013/06/10/stirred-up-vehicle-memories/) I also prefer older vehicles as well. They have so much more character.

What obsolete objects do you love and admire?

16 thoughts on “Obsolete but Beautiful…

      1. I make notes on everything and draw out time lines and outlines with notes in margins, without pen, pencil and paper I would be a mess even with my typewriter. True calligraphy is an art form.


  1. I have an old Brother word processor in the garage with tons of floppy discs I’ll never see the words on again…such a pity…I know that I could take the discs somewhere that they could be salvaged, but what an effort, and I am not certain what is on which discs. I wish i had typed out those words on a “real” typewriter, but I was trying to keep up with technology.


  2. My fingers ached just looking at the picture. lol Few things were as painful as missing a key and getting stuck when using my mom’s old typewriter. I miss that thing. 🙂


      1. Definitely. I don’t see how anyone could type aside from the hunt and peck method. It was just too dangerous. lol

        You’re welcome. I’m a sucker for nostalgia. 😀


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