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Squandering Writing Time…

July 12, 2013

Squander – definition: to spend or use (money, time, etc.) extravagantly or wastefully


If you are anything like me, I feel time away from my writing is squandering that time. Obviously, I can not spend every waking moment writing, more’s the pity! Life does tend to interfere but without experiencing life, we would be less able to write convincingly about human nature and the interaction between people.

To balance work, family life and domestic chores can be frustrating at times. Especially, if a brilliant idea forms and we are unable to get it down on paper. Notebooks, whether the old paper variety or on an electronic device are essential for any writer. To think we will be able to remember the intricacies of the idea or story outline is more often than not doomed to failure. The ability to jot down that outline is vital.

When I am vacationing with family in England, my writing does suffer unfortunately, as we only have a finite amount of time to see all of our family members and ensure we have quality time with each. However, with some forward planning I have managed to draft my blog posts. Took some doing but if nothing else I’m committed to my self imposed obligation to post every day of 2013. The time difference may pose a problem…we will see.

What do you feel you squander?

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