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Who is Erudite in Your World..?

July 18, 2013

Erudite – definition: characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly


Throughout our lives we meet people who influence us in some way. Whether it is a particularly wonderful teacher at school, college or university, a relative whose knowledge in a specific area amazes us, or even  a colleague or friend, whose wisdom has guided us.

My maths teacher, Mrs Tyrell, came to mind as I thought about this word. Not only was she a saint for maintaining her patience with me – going over the same sum a dozen or more times, but also because she had a vast knowledge of her subject. This enabled her to explain the equations in numerous ways until I understood. My parent’s vast knowledge of the natural world not only taught my siblings and I about it, but engendered in us a love of all animal and plant life.


In more recent times, I have been blessed with the friendship of someone, whose knowledge of the writing life has changed mine. Linda Pedley, is not only an experienced author in fiction but also in a vast array of other writing styles and disciplines. Her publishing company, Dream Write Publishing, has helped many authors, whose stories would never have been published without her determination, assistance and support.

Who do you admire or remember fondly for their contribution to your life?


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