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Missive – A Dying Art..?

July 27, 2013

Missive – definition: a written message : letter


Can you remember the joy of receiving a letter – a proper letter that came in the mail? The excitement of a new stamp design from another country, the feel of your finger sliding under the seal to break it open. There is something special about a real letter rather than the email we constantly use in today’s world.

We are so used to the instant gratification of communication nowadays. Years ago I wrote every other week to an overseas friend and then waited in anticipation for the reply. We got to live each others lives, in part, through these letters, albeit delayed.

Do you prefer a real birthday card to a facebook or email message? I like the mantel filled with cards myself. It brings a smile to my face. The well wishes on social media are nice, of course, but a real card shows extra care on the sender’s part.

Are we witnessing the demise of letters? Is it a skill that will die in future generations?

Do you write letters? Have you got a story to share about them?

And just for fun try this:


Fealty – A Lost Art..?

July 26, 2013

Fealty – definition: fidelity : faithfulness

Unfortunately fidelity is not as common a commodity as it once was. The incidences of long marriages is on the decline. With the media splashing celebrities love lives across the front of magazines and dishing out the dirt on one partner or the other, no wonder marriage has become a throw away institution.


There have been some wonderful marriages that stood the test of time and media though. For instance, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were married for 60 years.

Others include Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Micheal J Fox & Tracy Pollan, both couples celebrated 25 years. Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick 24 years. Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman 31 years. Denzel and Paulette Washington 29 years. Warren Betty & Annette Benning and David Bowie & Iman both celebrate 21 years.Bono & Ali Hewson 20 years. Jamie Lee Curtis & Christopher Guest 28 years.

So what is the secret under the constant media spotlight and paparazzi telescopic lens? They keep their private lives – private. Restricting exposure to the Hollywood events and leading normal lives (well as much as possible!) I also believe trust in each other goes a long way too.

Do you have a enduring marriage story you can share?

Creating a Villain…

July 25, 2013

Impassive – definition: showing no sign of emotion or feeling

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villa...

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villain (i.e. generic melodrama villain stock character, with handlebar moustache and black top-hat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Impassiveness is a great way to portray a villain. I found a great link, which is worth visiting:

What characteristics have you used in creating a villain?

My character, William in The Twesome Loop, revolted his young wife with his mannerisms but also indulged his sadistic tendencies. His lack of empathy with his victims made him a hated character, which of course was my intent.

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Inscrutable Characterizations…

July 24, 2013

Inscrutable – definition : difficult to fathom or understand : mysterious


When I came across this word, I wondered why people from the far East have been portrayed as inscrutable in movies for decades. This lead to some research on my part.

It transpires that the root of this stereotype probably began with the Western colonialists. Primarily because of a reluctance to understand the native social conventions. The indigenous people‘s unwillingness to visually express emotions was seen as inscrutable and therefore they were not treated as equals. All of us can picture a movie character that typifies this stereotype. Maybe a more famous male character is the ultimate ‘evil’ and uncompromising,  Fu Manchu.  While the Asian female is portrayed either as the Dragon Lady or the China Doll – two opposing views but nevertheless both acceptable portrayals.


Even relatively modern movies fall into this trap. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for example has the female heroine,  portrayed as stoic in her dealings with her adversaries. However, if a character is handled positively they come across as being cool, calm and collected and more often than not a source of wisdom. The negative flip side portrays a dour, dull, uptight and seemingly boring character, unable to experience leisure or fun.

The social mannerism of ”maintaining face’ attributes to the stereotype and can also typify the British ‘stiff upper lip’ of WW1 & WW11 movies. No matter the obstacle to overcome or the punishments endured, the characters solider on. Remember The Great Escape?

Which inscrutable character comes to mind for you?


The World’s Cynosure…

July 23, 2013

Cynosure – definition: a center of attention : someone who directs or guides

7da8d16b-31b2-4e14-a523-b5a8534e08c2-620x372The world’s center of attention is most certainly the new baby Prince. Speculation on his name will continue for a few more days, I’m sure. As the first born he will more than likely have a traditional first name.

Here is a fun name generator –

Congratulations to the new parents and I wish them and their young Prince all the best for the future.

It remains to be seen how William and Kate will parent their young son, but I am hoping William will take some of his Mother’s excellent skills to heart.

First glimpse :

Royal baby born

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