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What do you Exude..?

August 3, 2013

Exude – definition: to secrete or produce a liquid or odor; to display conspicuously or to send out


I can share a piece I wrote for Friday Fictioneers:

If you want to join in, here is the link and rules.  This prompt was a photograph of a bike leaning against a tree.

“Whose bike is that anyway? It’s been there for days.”

 “No idea. Did you manage to get hold of the exterminator? The smell from the cellar is getting worse, bound to be something dead down there.”

 The rats nibbled at fingers and toes. The body squeezed behind the large deep freeze oozed dark fluid.

 “Good morning, Dan the Exterminator at your service. Where’s this smell then?”

 Police tape surrounded the café a couple of hours later. The bicycle’s owner found at last.


As some of you may know, I love prompts and even set a prompt every Saturday on my writing circle’s website :  Click on the calendar and choose from any Saturday. Have a go!

As writers we like to evoke a reaction from our readers and how better than making them go Yuk…! Alright maybe that’s just me then.

The second definition reminded me that we also exude enthusiasm for our craft, our stories or poems and our fellow writers. We display ourselves and our written word to whomever will take a look. Are we shameless exhibitionists? Well, actually yes we are, in order to share our words, thoughts and delight in this wonderful craft.

Photo: Devil’s Tooth Fungus…gross but fascinating.

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