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Writing Area Re-organization…

August 11, 2013

Exertion – definition: vigorous action or effort

It is inevitable that as we accumulate file folders, books, notebooks and reference paraphernalia, our writing space becomes cluttered and dis-organized. Depending on how you view this – we all have varying degrees of ‘messiness’ tolerance – there comes a time when a re-organization is required. My limit came at the end of July. A small bookcase was over flowing, my inspirational board so layered, I couldn’t see many of my pictures and notes and a ten inch pile of papers called out to be filed. Added to this was the receipt of five Create Space copies of my NaNoWriMo winner novel, requiring a home.

The search was on for a much larger bookcase. Now I’m a great supporter of reuse  or re-purpose items, so began looking for bookcases in thrift stores and on internet sites for local sellers. Nothing fitted my space or the ‘look’ I wanted. A chance conversation with a good friend enabled me to take a bookcase off her hands. Then it was a matter of moving the existing furniture, cleaning the space and then deciding on the best placement for the new addition in relation to the old. I am very happy with the result as I have a new board and bookcase and space for more additional stuff.  This is the ‘old’ version showing my inspirational wall, the little bookcase, small printer and old laptop.

Picture WallNew Writing DEsk 003










This is my ‘new’ space with a tall bookcase, larger printer and new laptop/second screen configuration and extra board on the wall. Room to expand and create.


Have you outgrown your space? Care to share a photo? Do you re-organize often?

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