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Taking Advantage – Good or Bad..?

August 13, 2013

Opportunistic – definition: trying to take immediate advantage, often unethically, so as to get possible benefit.

lost & found

This could develop into a contentious post so I will tread carefully. It is one thing to find a dropped bank note but a whole other spectrum of opportunity to find a wallet. Yes, I admit to enjoying a treat with a ‘lost & found’  bank note but a wallet or purse would be immediately handed into the local police station. These latter items contain, for the most part, a person’s life. Among the items would be credit cards, driver’s license, perhaps house and car keys, all manner of vital elements for that person. We have all lost items of significance at one time or another and know the absolute panic and frustration it leads to, so I, for one, would not hesitate to do the right thing.

Why the differential? Maybe because one banknote seems less vital somehow. So where is the separation point? One banknote, two or a couple of dozen? We all have our own ‘honesty’ meters – some are higher than others but in the end we have to live with the decision to hand it in or not.

An interesting article:


With so many ‘get it free now’ offers splashed across social media sites for e-books, are we taking advantage because we love that author and their work, or because it’s free? Is this a reflection of how we judge the worth of an author’s work? If the novel was not free would we still want to buy it? As writer’s and author’s we know how much time and effort goes into a novel – isn’t it worth some compensation? Some author’s view the ratings on particular sites as compensation enough even though they are giving away their hard work. After the promotion has finished there is no guarantee purchases will follow. So is it worth it?

What are your views on ‘free’ promotions?

Is the rating reward enough?

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