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What’s that Stench..?

August 28, 2013

Stench – definition: an offensive smell or odor

What came to your mind with today’s word? I suppose it depends on which continent you live on. Now I live in Canada I have come across skunks and found that even in death they are really smelly! Driving or walking along a road or path you are aware of a skunk long before you see it. Normally it is in retreat and you only glimpse that tell-tale black and white tail held high.


However, when I resided in England our smelly critters were much smaller. These little living jewels come in many colors. With a daughter,who loved any creepy crawly from the time she could crawl, I have come to appreciate the tiny creatures often overlooked. If handled roughly they will squirt a noxious smelling liquid which is so horrid birds will drop them immediately. I love the patterns and colors.

‘Stink bugs’…



























What ‘smelly’ critters are common to your home?

Just for fun here is a list of the top seven –

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