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A Modern Twist to an Old Plot…

September 15, 2013

Synonymous – definition: equivalent in meaning; expressing the same idea.

V for Vendetta

One of my favorite movies is V for Vendetta – it loosely uses the Guy Fawkes plot to over throw the British government but with a modern twist. The movie is set in England, which has become a fascist state. The hero wears a Guy Fawkes mask due to a terrible disfigurement. He has planned his retribution for decades and a chance meeting helps him free a young woman from her fears. Ultimately, his cause is celebrated by the people of the land.

English people celebrate Guy Fawkes’ failure every 5th November, with an effigy of him set atop a large bonfire and firework displays. Bizarre to some, I dare say, but it is a tradition. If Guy had succeeded in blowing up Parliament  in 1605 and murdering King James 1, the history books would read a very different story. Months later there was the introduction of the Observance of 5th November Act, which enforced an annual public day of thanks giving for the failed plot.

Does your state, province, country or region have a curious tradition? 121001_Guy_Fawkes_night

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