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Are You in Fine Fettle..?

September 18, 2013

Fettle – definition: a state or condition of fitness or good health; good state of mind; wholeness of spirits.

To be in fine fettle you must be healthy in mind and body. In this day and age there is a multitude of regimes to choose from to achieve this ‘modern’ goal of healthiness. Many practice yoga of one type or another while others believe the ‘burn’ is the way to go.


Whether you believe inner strength and gentle movement is best or pounding on the pavement or gym machines – using your body ensures it is supple and strong.

Which methods do you use?

A long walk in the fresh air, a refreshing swim or hard work in the garden as also great ways of keeping fit. They are also, in the most part, free!

Do you feel financial investment in your health is a good thing? Are gym fees and accessories a surefire way of keeping you on your path or do they become forgotten in the bottom of the cupboard?

How do you combat the hours of sitting writing? 


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