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A Prompt, A Poem…

October 9, 2013

Austere – definition: 1. severe in manner or appearance; 2. grave, sober; solemn; serious

The photo prompt below inspired me to write the poem below. Poetry is not my strongest skill, so bear with me!

Why not try it for yourself?


 Darkness behind me

 Fingers of black

 Creeping along the cracks

 Afraid to move

 Knowing I must enter

 Fear gripping my center

 Where is the light?

 To guide my way

 From night to day

 One step echoes

 To me shadows cling

 Covering fear I sing

 Enveloped in black

 Hands outstretched

 Slime touched, I retched

 Running to the light again

 Come another day

 Into this archway

 When my heart is brave

paved corridor

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