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Which Writing Rules Do You Flaunt..?

October 27, 2013

Jurisprudence – definition: 1. the science of philosophy of law; 2. a body or system of laws.


We all know the first law of writing – show don’t tell – but how about the rest? Take a look and see which ones you didn’t know or are guilty of flaunting.

Advice from the experts:


Which rule(s) do you find the hardest?

Selling Your Book – A Personal Touch…

October 26, 2013

Oologist – definition: someone who specializes and collects birds’ eggs.

I am going to flip this word completely on it’s head. We all know the old adage ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’ but as authors we are always striving to sell our books in multiple venues. Modern technology gives us a multitude of options to achieve sales.  From e-book format to print on demand to on line sites. There is of course the much more pleasing method of actually meeting your readers.

I attended the annual Words in the Park event in Sherwood Park (Alberta)  last Saturday. Forty seven authors attended, so there were certainly books available for every taste. My publisher, Dream Write Publishing,was in attendance too and assisted four of their authors to launch their books. As you can see from the display the range of books is extensive.

10460682884_8767e95184_bLinda at the Dream Write Publishing table.

If you want a closer look go to the link.


I worked hard on my display for several weeks before the event. You always need something to attract passers-by. Rumble sat beside his book – Rumble’s First Scare and bookmarks.  I made a blue illuminated globe as a prop for The Rython Kingdom (there is one in the story) and postcards with the e-book details. (It is now available in print as well.) Lastly, I displayed Ockleberries to the Rescue proof copies with little hedgehog & squirrel ornaments that changed color  and glittered. I received a pre-order for one Ockleberries book so I’d better get on that then!


My other responsibility during the day was to host the children’s author readings. As secretary of my writing group, The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County, I and the rest of the group are responsible for the annual event in conjunction with the library. There were six authors reading and it was a delight to hear the different stories and meet these aspiring authors.

Rumble's First Scare


Two of my friends launched their first books at Words in the Park and I want to give them both a shameless plug – after all that’s what friends are for.


Sharon Baggs’ charming tales of her life are written in poetry with wonderful photos.

Front_cover Sharon



Beth Rowe’s children’s story follows the adventures of a young man in a magical land.

Beth cover

The beautiful library display for Words in the Park. I can see Rumble – can you?


Do you prefer face to face events?

What venues do you attend?

I found this interesting link regarding finding venues – it’s a bit cheeky but if you can get away with it why not?


Foreboding Prior to Halloween…

October 25, 2013

Forebode – definition: to foretell or predict; be an omen of; indicate beforehand


With Halloween coming up shortly, the internet is awash with spooky costumes, books and trick or treat candy. For many it is a fun filled evening to enjoy scaring each other on doorsteps or at themed parties. However, for others it manifests differently as a real fear of what the evening portrays. Samhainophobia is actually a phobia of Halloween. Sufferers have an intense and persistent fear of Halloween, and the condition causes panic attacks in people who suffer from it. They have a morbid fear of Halloween, in essence the sense of wildness and otherworldliness that the night seems to conjure forth. It is most common in devout religious believers. Other related fears include Wiccaphobia : fear of witches, Phasmophobia : fear of ghosts and Coimetrophobia : a fear of cemeteries.

Although, to date, I have not seen a witch (at least not the commonly used image),  I have seen a ghost. As for cemeteries; you will think me strange for this but what the heck – I used to spend a lot of time alone in cemeteries as a child. One was near my childhood home and surrounded a small chapel. My favorite spot to sit and enjoy quiet time was under a willow tree next to a baby’s grave. Weird I know! I just found it very peaceful. The other cemetery, I frequented was at a derelict church and I spent a lot of  time cleaning the moss and dirt out of the gravestones. Yep, I’m weird and now you don’t have to wonder why I love Stephen King!

Do you have a ‘creepy’ secret or experience you can share?

Now for a shameless plug – why not buy my children’s story – Rumble’s First Scare? You know you want to – he’s such a cute little monster.


Rumble's First Scare

Who, or What, Built the Pyramids..?

October 24, 2013

Ziggurat – definition : an ancient structure built by the peoples of Mesopotamia in the form of a pyramidal tower.

Stepped ziggurant

Why is it that these ancient relics are all the same basic shape? A pyramid. As you can see from the list below, they are found all over the globe. Built by ancient civilizations, who were mainly unaware of the others existence, whether because of time period or geographical distance. So who, or what, influenced the shape? Of course there are as many theories as pyramids and you are free to investigate for yourselves. Although, I would love the instigators to be visitors from outer space, I don’t really think that is what happened. I would like to share my own theory (such as it is).

Saqqara, Egypt – Pyramid of Djoser, Giza, EgyptGreat Pyramid of Khufu and Pyramid of Khafre, Chavin de Huantar, Peru – Chavin Temple Complex, Teotihuacan, Mexico – The Pyramid of the Sun, Meroe, Sudan – The Nubian Pyramids, Puebla, Mexico – Great Pyramid of Cholula, Ur, Irag – Ziggurat of Ur, Peten, Guatemala – Mayan Pyramids of Tikal and Rome, Italy -Pyramid of Cestius.

Each civilization wanted to be closer to their gods in the sky, so what is the easiest way to do that? Build a structure that many people can ascend and reach toward the sky. Cube or tower shaped structures would be too difficult to ascend but a gradually tapering shape would be the simplest. Thus a pyramid.

What are your thoughts on the instigators?

Have you ever visited a pyramid?

Pyramide von Hellinikon

Pyramide von Hellinikon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Wretchedness – Gender Bias..?

October 23, 2013

Wretched – definition: 1. very unfortunate in condition or circumstances; 2. despicable, contemptile, or mean

Ignorance and Want, woodcut — from A Christmas...

Ignorance and Want, woodcut — from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two famous wretches are found in Les Miserables. and the poor boy, Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Characters are portrayed living in absolute poverty and diabolical circumstances. We feel for their plight. Can they be saved? Who has the compassion and wealth to help? Unfortunately, in reality there have been, and are, many poor  ‘wretches’ suffering similar conditions in the real world. It is not only third world countries that have people only managing to exist. Regrettably, a larger percentage of these are female.

I endeavor to steer clear of politics and religion on this blog, as I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That being said I would like to bring to your attention a charity, whose work is ensuring girls and women around the world have a chance. I am certainly not pushing anyone to go to the links:  OR  Everyone is free to make their own choices as to the charities they support. This is a personal belief and I will not preach.

becauseiamagirlOn a side note, the basis of my novel, Life in Slake Patch, is a world under matriarchy rule due to the near annihilation of the world’s population under patriarchy rule. Could it happen?

Life in Slake

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