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Philandering – Not Just for Men..?

November 21, 2013

Philander – definition: to flirt, or have casual affairs with women, especially with a frivolous attitude




Men are most commonly perceived as philanders, as per the definition above, however, there have been and still are; many women who have casual affairs. In the past it was not as common as it probably is in modern day society. A woman’s place was in the home after all! Nowadays with equality in many aspects of life, women are exploring their options more readily.

Is this a good thing?

Is it a natural progression?

What are the repercussions?

These links list some of the more famous philanderers:

When we are writing contemporary modern day fiction, social issues and changes in the roles of men and women should be reflected in it. A 1950’s housewife will certainly not have the same lifestyle as a female 2013 career executive. As authors we need to be aware of these details and that is where research becomes vital. Our characters and the situations they find themselves in are more believable if the act and react in a realistic way to their era.

I couldn’t resist putting this picture up!


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