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500th post…Whoop!

December 1, 2013

Austerity – definition: the quality or state of being stern or strict


Today is my 500th post…whoop!

When I committed to posting once a day for 2013, I had no real idea if I would be able to maintain it. Close friends thought I was either barking mad or extremely brave to even attempt it. I have been strict with myself about posting daily but have also found that by drafting posts ahead of time has helped enormously. This ‘trick’, which I’m sure lots of you know already was particularly useful when there were days I have not wanted to post, especially when I vacationed in England with my family after five years away. We fell into our relationships so easily and I did not want to miss moments with them all. So all I had to do was click and submit. The hardest time was when sadly, my Mother passed away in September and I had to travel to England from Canada to be with my siblings. She had been fascinated but puzzled with this ‘blog’ thing but did see how important it was to me and reminded me to pop up to my brother’s place to click and submit every evening. There was one evening when my brother was not at home so my Mother took me to one of her friends houses especially, so I did not ‘fail’. Her encouragement for me to try new things throughout my life has been an inspiration, one I have passed on to my children. Her legacy lives on.

This year has given me an increased word knowledge from the desk diary I use as inspiration each day as well as wonderful connections with authors around the world. As the last month arrives on this personal challenge I feel a sense of community and fellowship and thank you all for visiting and commenting. I have no idea what my 2014 schedule will be so any suggestions are welcome although once a day is probably not on the cards!

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