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Self Publishing – Circumventing the Traditional Option..?

December 16, 2013

Circumvent – definition: to avoid by artfulness or deception; avoid by anticipating or outwitting


The argument of choosing traditional publishing versus self publishing continues to be discussed at length on many social media sites. The option to release your novel into the world without waiting months or even years for a traditional publishing house to pick it up, has revolutionized the authoring world  and our options within it. There are still pitfalls as well as concerns about the quality with self published works, but on the whole it is seen as a great opportunity by many struggling authors.

A twist in the tale is now emerging, where self published authors are being approached by the traditional houses – some accept, some do not. Again there are advantages and disadvantages – drastic reduction in royalties, publicity coverage, cover design,  prestigious outlets, contractual restrictions or conditions.

Even some famous authors  utilized the self publishing route, it is not a ‘new’ concept by any means.

  •  Mark TwainHuckleberry Finn
  •  John GrishamA Time to Kill
  •  L. Ron HubbardDianetics
  •  Irma RombauerThe Joy of Cooking
  •  Walt WhitmanLeaves of Grass
  •  Richard Paul EvansThe Christmas Box
  •  Jack Canfield and Mark Hensen,Chicken Soup for the Soul
  •  James RedfieldThe Celestine Prophecy
  •  Beatrix Potter, creator of the Peter Rabbit Classic Series.

Today’s indie authors have the added advantage of using technology to realize their publishing dreams and at a greatly reduced cost. There are numerous sites advertising publishing options and this is where care needs to be taken. Research each one thoroughly and get personal recommendations from other authors, not from the website! Unfortunately, some sites are preying on inexperienced authors and charging a great deal of money for ‘services’.  Always check  they have a list that is constantly updated of sites to avoid.

How do you view self publishing?

What do you feel are the advantages for traditional versus self-publishing?



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  1. So true Mandy! I was taken by a scammer for more money than I’d like to mention and he now is in court awaiting trial to see if he is going to jail for all he has done to over 100 Author’s who have taken this issue to the law (See Marshall, MI). Personally, I hope they send him to jail since he was already in prison once for doing the same thing (different type of stealing from people but enough).

    There are so many small publishers out there. Opening up small a operation is so easy. I actually checked into opening one myself, not to publish others rather to do my own books and honestly, this is the way I will go.

    I found all the people to hire for layout, art work and covers, even video and all I really need to do now is market and we all know that is really the biggest obstacle to us self published authors, not impossible but rather a challenge.


  2. Publishing is an amazing opportunity. As with all opportunities, time, patience, effort, research, and great ideas can help make the best of it. Indie and traditional publishing require this in somewhat different forms, and provide somewhat different results. I see more and more traditional authors trying out indie publishing, too (often, with a pen name). Great diagrams, as usual. 🙂


  3. Self publishing has become efficient and inexpensive. That’s good, but it does encourage publishing work that is not quite ready.


    • I think many novice authors rush into publishing before completing full edits of their work. I can understand the lure of having a ‘book’ published but if the quality is bad it reflects badly on you and deters further readers purchasing.


  4. Great informative post! Personally, I never closed the door on traditional, but I’m also extremely picky about who to work with when it comes to my work. So far, I enjoy the freedom and control self publishing gives me until the right choice comes along.


  5. Good information for others so they do not get taken advantage of Mandy!


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