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Are You Making the Most of Your Memberships..?

February 24, 2014

Many of us have memberships to organizations but after the inital enthusiactic blush of newness there seems to be a decline in involvement.

Why is this?

We have paid good money for an annual membership, why not ultilize it for the whole year?

I volunteered at a local event both days of this past weekend. The Arts Expo is held annually and show cases local artisans. However, many of the members did not attend, whether as participants or visitors to support their fellow members. I find this extremely sad. Organizations strive to support and promote their members at every opportunity, so why does it fall on the same few members time and again?


WFSC banner

A membership can give so much if we get involved. Not only it is an opportunity to promote our own work but also network and form new friendships. During the weekend, I got to know several members of my writers group, the Writers Foundation of Stathcona County a great deal more. It was an enjoyable two days and I am glad to help at all the events laid on for our group, my publisher, Dream Write Publishing and the Arts and Culture Council of Strathcona County (ACCSC) who promote all forms of the arts, from weavers to potters to authors and a good deal more. Don’t forskae your memberships – use them to your advantage.

DWP logo

The more we are involved, the more we get out of our membership. Consider your memberships and make the commitment to utilize them to their full potential, after all you paid for it!

We are lucky to have a proactive mayor, Rxanne Carr, who is commited in making culture accessable and promoted within our community. The more we do, the better the results.

Get involved.

Arts Expo 2014 WFSCArts Expo 2013Joe Arts 2014


  1. This has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I just renewed my membership in one of my favorite writing chapters…thanks for the great post!


  2. “The more we are involved, the more we get out of our memberships.” This line is key because it is not all about “what can I get” – to be truly into #freeingthecreativespirit you must also give. Sharing creates inspiration and encouragement and invites interaction. It isn’t all about “you” and what you get for your 20 bucks – it’s about “you” contributing to the great cultural good and positive growth… there are those who will not agree but that is my mantra: learn, create, share. Always. Great post. Great insight.


  3. Yes multiple memberships can make scheduling difficult – we have to balance our time between them all.


  4. Tough timing –

    This was Quilt Retreat weekend J Made 2, started another!

    And Olympics

    And nasty cold weather.

    Glad you had fun at the Gala – loved the photo you posted. You 3 looked fab ( M, L, & J)

    Great article – thought provoking. People provoking maybe , too!

    Happy Monday, Mandy. ( say That 3 times, quickly J phew…)





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