Are You Utilizing Your Notebooks Properly..?


Notebooks are a writer’s best friend. They capture ideas, characterizations and plot arcs. We may have a compulsion to gather them and set them aside for a future project. Notebooks are available in a multitude of designs and styles, so there is something for everyone.

We treasure our notebooks as they record that moment a new story or character is revealed. From those humble beginnings a narrative is born.

Do you file your notebooks in a particular order? Genre, first to last or by other themes?

Where do you keep them?

However, do you use one just for observations of human behaviour? Yes, an interesting concept and one I had never thought of before. I always think I will remember that old man’s comments to the waitress or the young mother’s dialogue with her baby. I hope you find this article as interesting as I did.


11 thoughts on “Are You Utilizing Your Notebooks Properly..?

  1. My problem is whenever I buy notebooks, I’ll only use it for a few pages and then buy another one and do the same thing.


  2. File? Genre? What??? I am a hoarder. Most of mine are empty – I keep a tiny one in my purse and the rest are too lovely to mar with my crappy handwriting. I opt for computer notes… 🙂


      1. They are tucked in drawers, in filing cabinets, in the box of ‘i can’t remember why i keep this stuff’ under my bed. Finding them randomly throughout the year is a treat. I vow to use them, then put them right back to come across by accident a few months later. 😀


  3. Good lord, I have so many notebooks for different things. I like to pretend I’m organised, but I’m just not. -_-

    And I have too many.

    I might try to streamline them. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably not. :-/


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