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Ride Your Imagination…

March 7, 2014


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”  Mark Twain

Today’s image and quote certainly inspire a writer’s imagination and reforces that no matter our surroundings we can always ‘escape’ into world’s of our own making. Inspiration can come from anywhere or anything and we need to remain open to the world around us.

Inspiration is, of course, subjective. Each of us could witness a scene and write completely different views on it. A book my writing group published confirms this fact. Writing Prompt Journey is compiled of prompts and the varied responses to them. It is intriguing to read another person’s slant on the prompt given.



Where better to let your imagination roam free but on a train trip! Amtrak has announced writer residencies on 15 routes. With constantly changing  scenery, think of the possibilites. More here:

Let’s use this amazing news as the inspiration for today’s prompt.

Which Amtrak route would you like to ride and why?


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