Location, Location, Location – How Do You Choose Your Narrative’s Location..?


Having carte blanc when it comes to the location of our narratives, we are at liberty to indulge ourselves. We can place our story and its character’s wherever and whenever we please. It can range from a favorite exotic destination to a particular era or even an extraterrestial area. There is no limit to our imaginations or preferances.

How did you choose your location?


Here are my locations:

Rumble’s First Scare the dark depths underground

The Twesome Loop, my soul’s home, Italy in particular Rome and its surrounding countryside.

Life in Slake Patch, prairie lands in the future after a global war, as I now live on the Alerta prairies.

The Rython Kingdom, set in medieval England because I am originally from England and love castles!

Ockleberries to the Rescue, a lush woodland with a steep valley bordered with meadows and a river coursing through it. Due to my life long love of nature.

Willow Tree Tears (current WIP) set in Texas, an area I have never visited but am researching. This choice was mainly due to the character being a champion barrel racer.

Do you have a list of locations you want to include in your stories?

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