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The Art of Editing

June 25, 2014


As I am in the midst of a full edit of my cowgirl romance, Willow Tree Tears – this advice is timely as well as helpful. Thank you Steph.

Comment on your editing processes and tips below.

Stephanie Verni

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I remember finding the copy editing course I took at Towson University grueling. It was a required course during my first master’s program in professional writing. It was tedious and tiring. My eyes grew weary, and eliminating words became a game to me. When the professor told us to get a piece down from 500 to 300 words, we had to do it, and the result had to be better than what we started with that day. Editing is not easy, my friends. It requires us step away a bit and consider the reader more than we consider ourselves and the prose we have written. In fact, it requires us to be the reader and examine our work. It also requires us to become a bit detached.

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