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How Do You Nurture Your Publishing & Writing Relationships..?

October 6, 2014


I was fortunate to spend time with both of my children (well young adults now!) this weekend. It was a real treat and I relish being involved with their interests and every day concerns even though they are not really dependent on me anymore.

The experience made me think of other relationships and how we nurture them. For example I have forged close relationships with a number of fellow members within my writing group, The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County.  Without their encouragement and continued support, my writing life would not have started at all and certainly would not be so enjoyable. Becoming the Foundations’ secretary has not only increased my involvement and experience but has also given me the opportunity to meet some well known and established authors.

Writeres Foundation of Strathcona County

Do you enjoy a writing group’s fellowship?

What benefits has it given you and your writing?

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Another relationship that writers need to nurture is with their publisher. It should not all be business (hopefully) and a friendship of sorts can be established. I’m not saying you should be best friends but at least have conversations about mutual interests or exchange plans for the weekend. As an author with Dream Write Publishing I am fortunate to know the owner well and she encourages each author to be fully involved with the publishing process from format to cover design to finished product. This is an unusual kind of relationship within the industry, however having such a conscientious, hardworking and understanding publisher makes the whole process much more enjoyable. The personal touch is worth its weight in gold. Dream Write enables any writer to achieve their dream of being published and not have the agony of waiting for an extended amount of time for a submission to be acknowledged.

How do you liaise with your publisher?

What kind of relationship do you have with your publisher?

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