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  1. A great code Mandy. Especially as pertaining to reviews. I get so many temporary twitter followers that are review services. I have to say that the practice makes me sick.


  2. I’m curious as to whether you have to be an ALLi member to display the logo.


  3. Reblogged this on chrismcmullen and commented:
    There is also an ethical author badge that you can display on your site (for those who adhere to the code, of course). This is a great step toward branding a positive image for authors.


  4. Like! Thnx! Hugzzzzz!

    Namaste, Sharon McMullan-Baron


    Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor specialties: include Yoga Thrive for cancer patients and survivors, MS, runners, gentle, restorative and corporate classes



  5. What an awesome code put to words that any writer should adhere to and take to heart!! Thanks for sharing – I am going to repost on Dream Write blog. Thanks for your dedication and commitment to the craft of writing, the business of books, and the relationship between author and all others upon whom they depend.

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