Reblog Wednesday : NaNoWriMo Is Over, Now What?


Today’s blog concerns the aftermath of NaNoWriMo – something many of us are getting to grips with. I count myself lucky that my writing group has a monthly NaNo workshop after the holiday season to help edit my manuscript. How about you?

I Make Stories

So NaNoWriMo has come to a close. You did it! You bested the holiday and fought through the distractions and emerged victorious! You probably learned a lot in the process: how you work, what time is best for you to write, and what it takes for you to power through a challenge like NaNo. It’s a good exercise. Now you have 40k words sitting there and it’s time to do something… but what exactly? Here’s six tips for moving forward:

1. Set Your Manuscript Aside

You just spent a solid month with your book. That’s a lot of time and often it’s difficult to pull away and see the whole picture. If you’re anything like me, odds are there’s a lot of work to go before your manuscript is ready to shop. Giving yourself time away from the manuscript will allow you to return with fresh eyes and a clear…

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