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Fantasy Sub-Categories

January 21, 2015

Re-blogging this excellent post today as for some reason I didn’t post on Monday – oh no slipping so soon in the new year’s schedule! I hope not…anyway enjoy and take notes.

Writing and Illustrating

Connor-Fuse-ProfileAgent Connor Goldsmith over at Fuse Literary had a very helpful post that you shouldn’t miss. He lists the subcategories for the following genres: Fantasy, Science fiction, and Horror.

Connor says, “These categories are very mutable and there’s tons of overlap between them. This is more meant to be fun than to be didactic — don’t worry too much about categorizing your book into a subgenre. That said, it’s important not to subcategorize wrong, because then I get confused.”

Below is hisFANTASY LIST:

  • High Fantasy: Fantasy set in a “secondary world”, or a world not our own, where magical beings and creatures are part of everyday life. The most famous example is The Lord of the Rings, though technically that series does take place on ‘our’ Earth in an imagined past. Dungeons & Dragons, inspired heavily by Tolkien, is perhaps the classic high fantasy setting.
  • Epic…

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