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MeriAnn Boxall – The Red Portal Review…

February 5, 2015


Meriann asked me to review her short story submission, The Red Portal; for this anthology.

I read Meriann’s story and enjoyed it very much. She has managed to build a magical and believable world of green. Her characters are strong and I had a sense of their inner conflicts and personalities. Without too much description Meriann gave me enough so I could picture the environment and what her characters looked like. She kept tension within the story propelling me to read further to find out if Isabelle would conquer her fears.

Using the hair color as a difference was inspired and Meriann showed how Isabelle overcame many obstacles before triumphantly succeeding. Using a parallel world was a wonderful idea and highlighted the perceived differences but also the similarities. Being seen as ‘different’ can be such a lonely thing for many people and you have shown that with determination and positive support anything is possible.

portal door

Which story do you like best?

Care to share your thoughts on The Red Portal?

Open the door and unlock the secrets in eleven short stories from The Secret Door Society, an organization of fantasy and science fiction authors dedicated to charitable work. All proceeds from this anthology benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their quest to cure Type One Diabetes (T1D).

In these pages you’ll discover a modern woman trapped in an old fashioned dreamscape, a futuristic temp worker who fights against her programming, a beautiful vampire’s secret mission disrupted by betrayal, a sorcerer’s epic battle against a water dragon, the source of magical mirrors—and more. There are tales for every science fiction and fantasy taste, including new works from award-winning authors Johnny Worthen, Lehua Parker, Christine Haggerty, and Adrienne Monson.

Join us in the fight against T1D as you peek into a world of magical and mysterious doorways—if you dare.

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