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16 questions to Ask Yourself – First Pass Editing

March 9, 2015

Superb list to print and keep beside you when editing. Can you add any more tips.
Thanks for a great list!

Writing and Illustrating

yanovelK. L. Going is an award winning author and a prior agenting background at Curtis Brown. Besides the many fictional books she’s written, she wrote a book a few years back that you may already have on your bookshelf. If you do, you might want to open it up, again.

I have it on my book shelf and looked through it again and thought I would share some of her thoughts with you on editing your work from pages 148 and 149. There is so much more to read and benefit from inside this book.

After you have let your first draft sit, here are a few things to note along the way when you pick it up again.

1. Do you still like the story?

2. Do you have any trouble suspending disbelief?

3. Are you turning pages to find out what happens or is the text too wordy?

4. Could the tension be taken up a…

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