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Buying ads to sell your book

July 16, 2015

More food for thought today on promoting your book.

Into Another World

Publishing a book and then hoping someone will stumble upon it and buy it will result in very few sales. To be successful you will need to market your book. This is an ongoing process that usually begins before you publish.

One option for marketing is to buy advertisements. There are a variety of places where you can advertise – Amazon, Goodreads, Facebooks, Book/Reader websites such as BookBub, Kindle News Daily and Ereader News Daily (and many more).

Some websites offer you a banner ad at the top of their website or perhaps a listing on their “special” or “deal section.” And some even will include your information in their e-mail newsletter. Other sites will offer advertising based on a Cost-per-Click program. This is where you have an advertisement (sometimes just copy and sometimes with an image) and you only pay for the people who click on the link in…

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Does 2015 Hold Slow Growth For Authors?

July 16, 2015

Writers need to track the publishing industry’s path. E-readers may be losing popularity, paper books increasing again and a shrinking publishing house base – but take heart there is always a way to get your words out into the world.

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