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A Big Day Tomorrow – Canadian Citizenship…

September 14, 2015


After living in Canada for eight years, the time has come to take the final step and become a citizen. During my time in Canada, I have been extremely fortunate in making a new life for my family and I. We have experienced friendly and welcoming Canadian’s throughout our time here and have managed to make some firm friends – some so close there are ‘new’ family.

We will take advantage of the option to have dual citizenship as our hearts home is in the green and pleasant land of our childhood, England. We may feel ‘more’ Canadian once the formalities are finalized although, to be honest, we have enjoyed the experience of a diverse culture, the expanse and wonder of the land and even the seasonal changes (yes even winter!) 

As some of you know it was not until I arrived in Canada that I pursued my writing career. It was a promise to myself to find a creative outlet as my children were older and did not require mother’s 24/7 care! Pre-children, I created in many art forms from painting to pottery to textiles to sculpture and many more but the discovery of the written form, propelled me into obsession. If I had not travelled thousands of miles and forged ahead with the acquisition of ‘new’ – I may never have found my muse and my novels would be relegated to another parallel universe instead of this one.

I am thankful for what Canada has given my family and me – it is a new home of opportunity for us. And tomorrow – luck willing – we will become citizens!

Wish us luck….


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