Preparing My Blog for 2016…


For those of you that follow me, you will remember I plan my blog schedule during December for the following year. I decide on posting frequency, and the subjects or themes I will cover. In the past I have used a word of the day (everyday) to come up with a blog post utilizing that word, as well as writing topics, author interviews and I even serialized a children’s story, Clickety Click. All these variety of forms have given me the ability to connect with wonderful writers from around the world. I am most thankful for everyone that has dropped by, commented and reblogged,  it makes all the effort so worth while.

In 2015, my writing life continued to grow . Through attending a wealth of events from book fairs to author readings and more, not only did I sell my books but also met readers, which is always fun. My aim for 2015 was to edit and revise two manuscripts – a western romance, Willow Tree Tears and a suspense, The Giving Thief. Some may say that was unrealistic, others that I am mad! However, I accomplished both and the romance was submitted to Harlequin (waiting somewhat impatiently for a call) and the suspense is with beta readers. I also entered a contest for a Steampunk story, which was a new genre for me. The story was subsequently contracted for an anthology. The Toymaker will appear at some point and I will be linking to it for everyone to enjoy. Another smaller project did surface during the year, another idea for a children’s book, which is in note form at present.

I will like to invite my followers to suggest topics, ideas and format for 2016 on my blog. So make sure to comment below.

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Preparing My Blog for 2016…

    1. If I was still in England yes I would – all that lush green. I can look at posting photos from trips I make through the year for book related events – that would work.
      Thank you for the suggestion.


  1. This is so great Mandy 😀 I love hearing about other authors’ yearly goals and accomplishments. Good luck on the Harlequin submission and I think it’s great that you’re getting out there doing more book fairs and such – all of that takes time and energy! I hadn’t even thought about it but I too will make some goals for 2016, especially for my scriptwriting 🙂


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